The Ether
Appears Something Borrowed
Location Afterlife
Residents Clementine Riesen
Jeep Hanson
Claire Riesen
William Whele
Gates Foley
Zoey Holloway
Uriel (Died offscreen)
Lower Angel-Clementine
Becca Thorn
Black Acolytes
Other unknown deceased Humans/Angels

The Ether is a realm of darkness which lies above our own world. It is the lowest sphere of Heaven, and where the lower angels resided. When Gabriel broke the seventh seal, he opened a pathway between Heaven and Earth, casting all the higher angels to the physical plane. The the lower angels who were powerful enough (being purely spiritual) left the Ether through this pathway, and possessed human bodies. The majority of the lower angels were damned to remain within this darkness. Julian claims that when he perishes, as well as other lower angels, his spirit will return to this dark place.

Metaphysical Laws

  • Human souls only descend into the darkness if the gates of heaven are closed.
  • The Chosen One can project his consciousness into the darkness through hours of concentration.
  • To living beings or those not indigenous to the darkness, souls in the darkness appear either as wraiths of light or as they did when they died.
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