The Tattoos are the divine inscriptions placed upon the skin of the Chosen One. The Archangel Uriel described them as "divine creativity" passed down by God. Michael originally held the tattoos on his body and against Gabriel's will, he gifted them to Jeep Hanson. Jeep continued to hold the tattoos on his body until Alex Lannon was ready to use the tattoos, being Alex is the Chosen One.


  • The tattoos written in an ancient and forgotten language known only to God. They can only be deciphered by the Chosen One.
  • "Beware Those Closest To You." This was the first translation and referred to the danger of Michael becoming the Flood once more.
  • "She Died For You." This translation spoke to Alex in a fever dream and referred to Edward Frost's daughter, who sacrificed her life to save him.
  • Alex's premonition of an Eight-Ball Army.
  • Michael's and Alex's identification of the Morning Star and the fall of Vega.


  • God (Creator/Former Owner)
  • Michael (Former Owner/Messenger for God's Word in the tattoos)
  • Jeep Hanson (Former Owner/Gave them to Alex Lannon)
  • Alex Lannon (Current Owner)

Those who Wanted/Attempted to hold the Tattoos on their Bodies

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