The Senate of Vega was the central governing body of the city of Vega before an Eight-Ball takeover. The Senate was comprised of the heads of the city’s eleven houses, each representing one of the most powerful families in the city. From these eleven senators, two were elevated to consul and one Lord of the City. This senate no longer exists due to an angel invasion/takeover of the city.

Process and PurposeEdit

For the sake of stability in the turbulent and dangerous times since the Extermination War, the seats of the Vega senate, the consulships and Lord of the City are all hereditary positions. However, at any time, a senator, consul or even Lord of the City can be removed from his or her seat by a vote of no confidence, requiring a super majority of eight senators. All other votes require only a simple majority. At any time the consuls can override the vote of the larger chamber if all are in agreement. Though the senate can exert influence in military matters, the Lord of the City is the ultimate authority over the army and can not be overruled. However, due to an Eight-Ball takeover, the Dyad general (Duma) of the army became the supreme leader of Vega.