Jeep Hanson was the adoptive father of Alex Lannon. He was the one to whom Michael passed the tattoos and tasked Jeep to raise Alex after Charlie was killed.

Jeep then left Alex in Michael's care as he traveled to discover the meaning of the tattoos that adorned his body. Jeep is a brave, skilled fighter and it is apparent that he loved Alex's mother immensely.

Jeep seems to have some sort of predictive ability, as he knows the time is coming for Alex to learn of his destiny as the chosen one. In the film Legion (on which Dominion is based) he knows he must protect Alex, even when he is an unborn child. In the film Jeep is not the biological father of Alex. The nature of Alex's paternity has thus far remained unanswered in the series. Jeep is simply referred to as Alex's father.                                                                 

Jeep has a good relationship with Michael, which seems to be one of mutual respect. Jeep understands Michael and trusts him completely.

Jeep's relationship with Alex, however, is far from perfect. Alex resents his father for abandoning him.


Jeep is a survivor, he is strong and dedicated. He left Vega and his son to try and decipher the tattoos that adorn his body. Jeep's strength is further highlighted by the memory that Alex sees of him almost going crazy trying to decipher the tattoos. Jeep's mental health seems intact when he returns to Vega, hinting that he found a greater strength in himself. 

Jeep is also patient, letting Alex warm to him slowly and understanding that he left Alex alone and this is going to be painful for Alex to now try and get over.


Season 1

Jeep is first introduced as a survivor and respected member of Vega. He was thought to be dead and a memorial was even raised in his absence.

When Jeep returns he desperately wants to connect with Alex but Alex resents him from the moment he returns. It is only when Jeep reveals that Alex is the chosen one that the Alex seems to understand why his father left him all those years ago. However, Jeep is killed by a higher angel (Roan) and this is when the tattoos pass on to Alex and his destiny is revealed.

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