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Helena is one of the three known remaining cities in the Cradle, formerly the western United States. Helena is the only city that has a airfield, formerly MCAS Miramar, making them the sole regional air power. The city was built on the ruins of La Jolla, near San Diego (California), and is governed by the benevolent Queen Evelyn, who has made Helena a thriving matriarchal society built on a belief in the "divine feminine"; the belief that God is a woman. Helena trades frequently with Vega, providing textiles and oil, and is its nearest neighbor. Despite open diplomatic relations between the two cities, little is known about Helena other than the fact that it houses possibly the world’s last Air Force, the few remaining aircraft of Hill Air Force Base.


Culturally Vega and Helena are worlds apart. Helena’s all female diplomatic core wear only the traditional garb of the city, called Haikas. Their children are never seen in public or outside their home city. It is rumored that the female children are trained as warriors from the age of ten.

Air Force

It was thought that Helena had a large air force. However, this was revealed to be a rumor to protect Helena. The only remaining aircraft of Hill Air Force Base were one B-52 bomber and two Bell 309 helicopters.