Appears N/A
Location Beyond Earth
Referenced Angels and Humans mentioned it
Residents *God (Formerly)
*Deceased creatures and angels (Formerly)

Heaven, also called the Hereafter,[1] is a higher realm of existence that God created for Him, His angels, and the souls of righteous humans to reside. Since God left, all residents of Earth who die are forced to go to a dark limbo until He returns.

Early History


God created Heaven, for a place for Him to dwell. Later, He created the angels, and let them abide Him, and reside in the paradise with Him. Soon after, God created a physical realm call Earth, and made beings called humans. When humans became mortal, God allowed their souls enter Heaven, depending on how they spent their lives while on Earth.

Extermination War

In 2010, God left Heaven. Due to the lack of His presence, the angels were no longer allowed in paradise, and the gates were locked. Gabriel and his followers are now waiting for their father to return, so He may open the doors to Heaven again.