Harper Cole was a character protrayed by Alicia Fox in Season 2. She first accidentally sees Michael bathing in the ocean when she's trying to run away from her hometown. She strikes curiousity in Michael and he later follows her and finds Mallory. She ran away because she was having an affair with one of the towns people. She also keeps Michael's secret after seeing that he sought refuge in Mallory also. Harper is later killed by Wes, Laurel's hotheaded co-leader who despises Michael and the archangel's presence in the town. Michael was later angered that Laurel had her co-leader murder Harper for not confessing a sin.

Early Life

According to the SyFy Dominion information, Harper's deceased mother was ruler of Mallory. Harper also grew up with her former childhood friends, Laurel Phillips and Wes; Laurel later became leader after several leaders after Harper's mother sacrificed herself as a part of Mallory's leaders' traditions.


Harper seemed to be a fearful person of the unknown, but she was a risk taker in running away and not confessing her sins to Laurel. She also displayed honor and loyalty when Michael asked her to keep his species-identity a secret before her confession. She can be seen as somewhat promiscuous being she was willing to have an affair with a man in her hometown.

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