Gates Foley was Claire Riesen's second love interest in the series. He was also the security advisor and watches the cameras all over Vega. He ends up spending much of his time with Claire and ends up falling for her, and Claire vice versa. However, once he realizes she was pregnant, he decides (for now) to treat her like a leader and a friend. However, Claire and him make love, disputing his former attempts to be only her friend. His relationship with Claire is short lived unfortunately when Gates sacrificed himself to save the city of Vega from a nuclear power plant leak.


Gates was an easygoing guy. He is the security supervisor for Vega. He seems to be a big fan of baseball. Also, he is shown to be patient being he was willing to wait to start a relationship ship with Claire after finding out she was pregnant. However, they make love when Claire initiates a start in their relationship. He is also clever and pretty good in utlizing weaponry, as he was able to protect himself and Claire from a Higher Angel. Gates also displayed courage and honor when he sacrificed his life to save Vega from a nuclear power plant leak

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