Status: Fellow Angels. On-and-Off Relationship: Were like Siblings, Ex-Friends, Former Allies, Currently Enemies. Noma worked for Gabriel as his messenger and minion on The Extermination War. He made her kill the Chosen One's mother.

This is the antagonistic relationship between the Archangel Gabriel and the Higher Angel Noma Banks. They were originally friends while in Heaven, but that all changed when Gabriel and Michael sided against each other. Noma defected to Michael's side of the war because she felt guilty for carrying out one of Gabriel's orders. He has always resented her after this.

Early History

After being cast out of Heaven by their father God Himself, Noma and Gabriel are seen with Michael in a human bar. Gabriel comes to the conclusion that the extermination of humanity is what will bring their Father back. Noma is silent when Michael and Gabriel argue their point, but then Gabriel breaks the Seventh Seal and sends Lower Angels everywhere possessing humans. Michael flees with Noma after this and Gabriel is furious and heartbroken that Michael has left his side. Later, Gabriel and Noma are seen ambushing the Chosen One's house and Gabriel sends Noma to kill Charlie, the Chosen One's mother. Michael is too late to save the mother, but when he sees Gabriel. Gabriel gruffly tells Michael that Noma took the baby Chosen One. Michael is shocked that Noma has sided with Gabriel and flies off to try and save the child.

Season 1

Gabriel and Noma have no interaction until he possess a Higher Angel to try and kill Alex and Noma. He ends up pushing her off a roof, causing her to fall off a roof and forcing her to reveal her angel status to Alex. Later, Noma goes with Alex to Gabriel's hideout to try and learn more about Alex's ability. Gabriel holds Noma hostage until Alex could perform using the tattoos.

Season 2

Gabriel uses some members of his angel army to hold Alex and Noma hostage until Claire Riesen attacks his living quarters in an airstrike. This fails to kill Gabriel and Noma; Noma eventually escapes with Alex. Gabriel later is seen with Noma when Julian traps Michael, Gabriel, Noma and Alex in New Delphi. Gabriel is shocked when Noma begins to free herself by ripping out her own wings. He even screams at her to stop, but it was too late. She already ripped them out and he watches in horror as Noma attempts to free Alex. They don't interact again, but when Gabriel is cured of darkness by Lucifer, he and Michael figure out that Noma sold herself to the devil and they both fly back to Vega to try and save Alex from Noma.