Sergeant Ethan Mack is a member of the Archangel corps who served with Alex Lannon. He is most identified with his ability to 'obtain' valuable supplies and contraband for his friends and others. His means of obtaining such items is not specifically explained but presumed to be some form of clandestine activity. Among Alex's friends in the corps, Ethan seems to be the most wild and humorous. In the S1E3: "Broken Places", Ethan is revealed to be gay when Arika successfully guesses his orientation. Also, Ethan is the last person Alex sees before embarking on his trip to Gabriel, while revealing to be the Chosen One. Ethan wishes him luck after Alex is forced to leave Vega. Ethan has not been seen in Season 2. It is unknown if he survived the warfare that erupted in Vega.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ethan is a soldier with an upbeat personality. He cares about his friends/co-workers, especially Noma and Alex, and is loyal to Vega as well. In the end, Alex entrusts him to help Vega after he leaves the city. Ethan is also revealed to be gay, according to Arika.

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