Michael's Empyrean blade


Empyrean sword fight

Empyrean Steel is the celestial metal that angelic weapons and armor are fashioned from. The metal possibly originates from the Empyrean Heaven; the place in heaven, which is occupied by the element of fire.


Chemical Composition

On an elemental level, empyrean steel is composed of magnetite with 10.8% nickel, 9.2% manganese, 12.4% vanadium, and 67.6% of an unknown alloy.[1]


Wounds caused by empyrean steel do not heal, and if the blade is removed, can cause the angel to bleed to death. Earthly weapons and metals do not affect higher angels, but this angelic metal is able to harm, and even kill high-tier angels such as archangels and powers.

Empyrean Weapons

Michael's Swords

Michael wields two twin silver blades that are roughly a foot and a half long each.

Gabriel's Sword