Charlie was the biological mother of Alex Lannon. When she became pregnant with him, it was unknown who the father was, but she later found out (along with her former boyfriend, Jeep Hanson) that her unborn baby was destined for great things in the future. Tragically, she was killed by Angels in a struggle to keep Alex safe after the events in Legion. However, she would have been proud to see her son the way he is today, fighting for his people, against Gabriel. In season 2, its revealed that Noma Banks killed her on Gabriel's orders so they could get to and murder Alex. However, Noma couldn't bring herself to kill Alex and Michael covered up Noma's role in her death to Jeep. In exchange, Noma swore to be Alex's protector to make up for her evil deed.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Charlie was an independent young woman. She handled her unexpected pregnancy well during the film, which suggests that she is calm during unexpected situations. Charlie also knew how to use a gun which showed a rugged side to her. She began to grow closer to Jeep during the start of the apocalypse, which shows a hidden emotional side to her, under her tough exterior. Charlie also devoted the rest of her life taking care of her son Alex, after Gabriel and his lower angels invaded Earth.

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