Becca Thorn was one of General Riesen's consuls in the Senate of Vega and one of the most powerful leaders in Vega at that time, overseeing all scientific and medical personnel in the city. She acted as confidant to General Riesen; a longtime friend to Claire Riesen; and carried on a forbidden affair with Michael that involved stronger feelings than even she may be comfortable with. Despite her love for the archangel, her sense of duty to the safety of Vega ultimately cost her her life when, in a fit of blind rage, Michael snapped her neck. He did this after he found her torturously experimenting on Louis.

Early Life

When Portia Thorne died soon after the founding of Vega, the young and brilliant Becca ascended to her mother’s vacant seat in the senate. Despite her youth, Consul Thorne quickly proved herself a masterful public servant, instituting countless health and human services programs and overseeing construction of Vega’s medical facility.


Becca was a young woman who cared for her inferiors as well as her co-rulers, especially the General and Michael. Even though Becca had a caring heart, she was still prone to holding secrets. Becca carried on a years-affair with Michael, which would have been considered taboo in Vega. Despite her caring and secretive nature, Becca also had questionable morals, especially as a person for science. Becca showed no remorse experimenting on and torturing the Higher Angels that Vega's Archangel Corps captured. She even oversaw the experimentation and kept it a secret from her ex-lover, Michael. The archangel eventually found out and killed Becca in a fit of rage as his version of punishment for Becca torturing the Angels.


Season 1

Becca is first seen in the Stratosphere with Michael and other women. She carries on an on-and-off affair with Michael, but it ultimately ended when David Whele began blackmailing her. Michael later finds her experimenting on an angel. He then killed her in a fit of rage.

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