Status: Close Friends; Former Enemies/Frenemies. They worked together. They both were each other's assets. Former partners in crime. Separated; Arika went back to Helena.

This is the relationship between David Whele and Arika. They originally shared a somewhat cordial, but rocky diplomatic relationship during Season 1. Arika looks to gain from David and him vice versa.

During Season 2, Arika secretly works with Claire Riesen for her own benefit and to try and rule Vega as her own. Arika convinced Claire to use an Eight-Ball to set David up and have an excuse to throw him out of Vega's Senate. Arika has no problem booting David and his power into the V-1 system. She no longer considers him a valuable asset or ally at the time. However, she begins to assist him when he contacts her via walkie-talkie when David helps V-1 rebels fight against Claire in a rising-civil war to try and boot Claire from her position as ruler of Vega. Gates Foley, Claire's former security advisor and former boyfriend, eventually discovers Arika's relationship to David and has her imprisoned.

When Gabriel infects Vega by opening the Amphora onto the whole city, both Arika and David are confronted with their fears and are broken by time Alex Lannon closes the Amphora and stops its power from destroying Vega. David recognizes that he has lost most of his humanity and is emotionally distraught after experiencing his hallucination. The same goes for Arika; both reevaluate themselves as human beings and become more humble people, especially when an Eight-Ball army invades Vega. Both genuinely want to help, but Arika ends up fleeing Vega with her lover, Daria, and her other officials to Helena and David stays behind because he doesn't want to abandon "his Vega." They both share a kiss and a heartfelt goodbye before Arika departs for Helena and David stays in Vega to confront the new enemy in Vega: Duma and his Eight-Ball army.