Status: Former Lovers, Made Love, Were In love; Had a miscarried child (a daughter and named Willow in a vision) together. They were friends and allies worked together to save Vega (before her death). Ended (She died because she sacrificed herself to save him).

Alex Lannon and Claire Riesen met some time after his relationship ended with Noma Banks. They began a secret relationship, but broke up due to events during the war and Claire's duty to the citizens of Vega. They are currently former lovers. It is revealed through a conversation with Arika and Uriel that she is pregnant with his unborn baby daughter.

During season 2, Claire orders an airstrike on Gabriel's hideout while knowing Alex was still in the cave. She claimed to know even though she still carried it out. However, she is shown to miss him still. Their love still remains in tact, or so it seems. Later in the season, Claire is shot by one of David Whele's soldiers and miscarried their unborn baby while she underwent surgery to save herself from a mortal gun wound. When Claire sees Alex among an angel army, she was overjoyed to see that he was still alive, but shocked, jealous and slightly heartbroken when she saw him kiss Noma Banks on the security live-feed of Vega's border, after successfully defeating the angel army. They later have an awkward reunion being Noma was romantically with Alex and when Alex saw Gates with Claire. Claire later gets Alex alone and they share a brief, but heartbreaking reunion. Claire tells Alex that their baby was miscarried and they console each other.

Claire later hallucinates seeing her impossible future with a relationship with Alex and the two of them married and taking care of their baby daughter. Their daughter would have been named Willow if the fetus was not miscarried due to Claire's surgery to heal her after she was shot, episodes before. They later band together to save Vega from an invading-Eight-Ball army and she ends up dying from being shot. She attempted to protect Alex by killing her father, but the angel inside of Edward Riesen shot her fatally. Alex held her in his arms as she slipped away from him. They confirmed that they still loved each other, but she told him that she would see him again one day.